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Brew Ha Ha
Posted June 17, 2003 at 11:26:37 AM by Bean

This weekend is Phoenix Theater's annual Brew Ha Ha.  Stef and I plan on attending.  It's a gathering of local microbrewers and regional megabrewers where you pay $20 to get in and then "sample" their beer all day long.  They are going to have live Bluegrass/Rock music, karaoke, and other assorted street vendor type booths.  I had a great time last time I went (2 years ago), and am looking forward to it.

It's held outside, at the 700 block of N. Park Ave. in downtown Indy on Saturday, June 21 from 3-7pm.  This is an open invite for all BeanBlog readers to hang out for the afternoon, drink assorted beers, sing some karaoke, eat some creole food, and maybe... just maybe... witness some hula dancing first hand!  Email me if you are thinking about going.

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