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Garage Efficiency
Posted June 19, 2003 at 08:48:28 AM by Bean

Inside my house, there is a stairway that goes up halfway, turns 180 degrees on a landing, and continues up to the second floor.  During construction, I noticed that there was no access all of the empty space under the stairway.  So, yesterday evening, with the help of my dad, I put in a door.  And by "with the help of my dad, I put in a door", I mean "my dad put in a door."

The stairway shares a wall with the garage, so we decided to put the door there.  This would allow easy packing and unpacking of the storage space.  We picked a spot on the wall and busted a hole in it.  After ripping out some insulation (and inhaling about 1 cubic foot of fiberglass dust), we verified that there were no immovable wires or pipes and cut the door hole.

We got a 24x80" white, six panel, prehung door from Home Depot, complete with trim, shims, and a doorknob for about $50.  Putting it up was a lot easier than I thought it would be.  You just have to cram it in there, then even up the door jam with smims and nail it in place.  The finished product looks really good.

So I packed all of my HalloBean and Christmas decorations in there, along with old aquarium junk, brewing paraphenalia, card table and chairs, and other assorted boxes.  It freed up a lot of room in my garage.  I am now making plans to put in my workbench and a few rows of shelves high up on the wall.  According to Mr. Tapemeasure, it should be possible to get both cars, 2 bikes, a lawn mower, a wheelbarrow, garbage cans, and a workbench in there all at once, while still having room to store boxes on the shelves along each wall.  Would I be willing to bet money on this?  Yes, but only $3.50.

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