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Weekend Wrap-up
Posted June 23, 2003 at 08:31:30 AM by Bean

Had a pretty full weekend, I'll summarize.

Bloomfield - M1 and I drive to Bloomfield to hang out with Dooley and company Friday after work.  We arrived to find beer, plentiful grilled food, multiple nacho dipping options, and some kick ass cream puff cake.  After getting our fill of grub, we all decided to walk to a nearby bar for some more drinks, and by "nearby" I mean "1 1/2 miles away".  At the bar, I made people buy me shots to do the Hula dance, good times.  Met Scuba Steve's dad, who somehow appears to only be about 5 years older that he is.  Saw Rangoon run the table in pool... this is an phenomenon I have never witnessed live, and it was spectacular.  Also, this drunk, old german guy sat at our table and was rattling off some wicked-crazy drunken gibberish.  He said to Rachael "Come to me with your pants in your hand!  Oh no, I went to far on that one!"  WTF?  After the bar, we went back to Dooleys to have more cream puff cake, then to Rangoons new house to crash, and by "house" I mean "mansion, complete with servants quarters".  It was huge.

Brew Haha - Stef and m1 and I met the Rizzos and the Norths at the Brew Haha downtown.  There were plenty of tasty beverages to be sampled, and it was a really nice day.  Afterwards, we met a few friends of mine (Jim, Bilal, and Sue) at the Rock Bottom for dinner, then led them back to my house, which they had not yet seen.  After a tour, we settled into some karaoke and some video game action.  Jim's alergies kicked in due to the overwhelming cat presence in our house, so they took off around midnight.

Sunday - Sunday was hella-productive.  Stef and I went to Lowes (I keep them in buisness) and got some gardening stuff and shelves.  I installed a row of shelves along the back wall of the garage and was able to store all remaining boxes up there, clearing out a lot of room out there.  While I was doing that, Stef put in a few more plants and mulched around all of the flowers and bushes.  Next, made another trip to Lowes to buy a Skill Saw, some lumber, and a box of screws.  My buddy Jim came and helped me turn those items into a custom built workbench, which fits in the back corner of my garage.  It's a work of art.

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