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Momma's B&G
Posted June 26, 2003 at 08:07:55 AM by Bean in the Flashbacks category
Everyone who has ever had breakfast at my parent's house knows that my mom makes the best biscuits and gravy, period. I have never, ever, in my whole life, at any restruant or house, had B&G that tasted better than momma's.

I grew up watching her make it and stuffing my face with it pretty much every Sunday for about 18 years, and I'm still not sick of it. Is this why I was so fat growing up? Maybe, but it was worth it!

The first time Stef came to meet my parents, mom made B&G. It was love at first taste. Now we have to have it every time we go back to visit. The mere mention of heading back to New Albany brings a smile to her face.

Like I said... I've seen my mom make this recipe countless times, so this morning I got up 45 minutes early and tried to make it for myself. I browned a 1 pound log of Bob Evans sausage and set it aside. I added flour and seasonings to the leftover grease and cooked it until it turned brown. Then I added some milk and started stirring. You have to stir it constantly for about 20 minutes while adding more and more milk, making sure not to scorch it. I gave it a try and added salt and pepper to taste. Lastly, after the base had thickened up to the proper consistency, I added about 3/4 of the sausage back in.

About that time, the Grands biscuits were turning gold in the oven below, so I grabbed one and split it open. I put two spoons of sausage gravy on each half and sat down outside to give it a try. It tasted pretty darn good. Aww... who am I kidding, it was awesome! But, as good as it was, it still paled in comparison with the original recipe. I guess I'll just have to watch momma make it a few more times.

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