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Posted June 30, 2003 at 08:00:55 AM by Bean

This past weekend, with help from many volunteers, I put in a 15-head, in-ground, automatic, popup sprinkler system.  It is 90% complete.  All sprinklers are in the ground and working.  All main lines are run.  Everything is hooked up to a valve box that is buried in my back yard.  All I have left to do is wire up the valves to the computer timer and program it.  That's on deck for tonight.  Andy documented the progress on his blog

It was a lot of work, and the best part was all the digging.  By "best part", I mean "worst part" because my ground is 40% rock and 60% super hard compacted clay.  Props go out Andy, m1, Koji, Schmeltzer, and especially superintendent Caleb, who incidentally, got a butt in his face Friday night.

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