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How I Pee
Posted July 16, 2003 at 01:32:21 PM by Bean

After a few minutes of thought and experimentation, I have determined the most sanitary way to use the facilities here at Acterna.  My focus is on keeping my hands clean of other people crotch-cooties.  We have urinals with manual flush levers, paper towel dispensers with dispensing levers, and standard, non-automatic sinks and soap dispensers.  This is a far cry from the hi-tech, automated, touch-nothing bathrooms of the future, which are ofton found in malls and office buildings built in the 00's.  Anyway, here is what I do when I have to pee:

  1. Enter bathroom, head to urinal.
  2. Pee.
  3. Flush (touch infested flush handle).
  4. Dispense a small amount of paper towels.
  5. Turn on water, get soap.
  6. Wash hands.
  7. Grab paper towel, use it to turn off water and dispense more paper towels.
  8. Grab new paper towels, dry hands.
  9. Use spent paper towel to dispense another small amount of paper towel.
  10. Dispose of spet paper towels, grab last piece.
  11. Use last piece to open bathroom door.
  12. Walk back to cube, small paper towel in hand.
  13. Throw away paper towel in my cube.

Using this method, my hands do not touch anythign in the bathroom after they have been washed free of whatever nasties lurk in there.  I do this approximately 15 times a day while at work.

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