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Amy Blackwell
Posted July 31, 2003 at 10:29:24 AM by Bean in the Flashbacks category
When I was in 6th grade, I got my first girlfriend. I remember writing the note, folding it that special way that kids fold notes, and giving it to her friend to pass along to her. In the note, I asked her to "go with me."

Amy Blackwell went to Grantline Elementary with me. I went there from Kindergarten through the 6th grade... she has just showed up in 5th or 6th (I don't remember). So she was the "new girl" at the time. We were both in this after school program called A3SIP. Again, I don't remember what that stood for, but we always claimed that the SIP stood for "Super Intelligent People". We were in the same class, rode the same bus, and were in the same after school program. She was cute, and I was in love.

Melissa McIntyre (may be misspelled) was the friend who passed the note to my soon-to-be girlfriend. When I got the response that she had said "yes", I was psyched. There were, of course, some glitches. Her parents wouldn't allow her to have a boyfriend, so I wouldn’t ever be allowed to call or come visit. Seemed a little weird to me, but I was a very shy person at the time so I was fine with it. That note made my day, my week, hell... it made my year. I still have it.

So we were "going together" now. This meant that we exchanged notes throughout the day, and that’s about it. I mentioned that I was a shy little kid, and due to this, I rarely talked face to face with Amy even though she was my girlfriend. Looking back, this seems extremely strange, but at the time I saw no other option. I was so afraid that I would say something stupid to her that I said nothing at all.

I did manage to talk to Amy on the phone a few times, I think. She told me certain time to call when her parents wouldn't be home. I don't remember the conversations being anything earth-shattering, though. When summer finally came and we could no longer pass notes, I was unsure on how we would communicate. I had elaborate plans of riding my bike to a secret location and meeting up with her. Unfortunately, she had elaborate plans of dumping me, and she did. In true 6th grade style, she had her friend do it. I played it off when I was asked about it, but I was devastated inside, at least as much as a 6th grader could be.

The first day of 7th grade, she sat next to me in one of our classes. I didn't know what to do, so I didn't do anything. I didn't look at her, talk to her, or in any way acknowledge that she was there. She soon moved to another seat. I don't think I talked to her a single time throughout junior high school. Even in high school, when we happened to be around each other (common friends) we didn't interact. Even if I saw her today, i would feel weird about talking to her. The only impressions I have of her in my memory are from 15 years ago.

Every now and then I'll hear her name from a high school friend. I heard she has a big head, physically, though I am not sure what to make of that. I also heard updates on what she was doing after high school, but never took much note. As far as I'm concerned, she is still the cute little 11 year old that broke my heart for the first time.

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