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Well shit, it's already Friday.  It's been a busy week at work - I have recieved and given lots of training and I have gotten a lot of work-related work done.  Bossman probably still thinks I should work harder.  Bossman is Trach.  Today, Bossman inquired about my lunch plans and ended by saying "So you are taking an hour and a half lunch?" to which I responded "Yes" and walked away.  I need a new job, or atleast a new Bossman.

But the week was not without it's blogworthy incidents:

  • During a presentation I attended yesterday, the presentor used the word "Connectorizations" in his show.  Now I am no spelling/grammar whiz, but I am pretty sure the proper word should have been "Connections".
  • Went to the Indiana State Fair Wednesday night.  I ate an italian sausage, fries, part of an elephant ear, a slushie, and a deep fried Twinkie.  The Twinkie was not very good... it tasted like a warm, greasy, mushy Twinkie.  The fair-food mass consumption was followed 10 hours later by bad stuff in the bathroom.
  • Got drunk off of strong, homemade Margaritas last night with Stef and Andy, then watched Most Extreme Elimination Challenge on Spike TV (formerly TNN).  That's a great show, and it's even mo betta funny when drinking.  We all passed out by 10.
  • Attempted to grill some zuchinni.  I used too much salt, and the final product tasted like chewy salt.

And, I'm spent.  Have a nice weekend.

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