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Bachelor Fun in Louisville
Posted September 30, 2003 at 11:27:35 AM by Bean

A few weeks ago, I participated in Henry's bachelor party.  It was held in the city of Louisville, thus giving us the excuse of getting out of Indy.  Since it's not considered kosher to discuss bachelor party details in a public forum, I'll limit the scope of this entry.

First off, our hotel was approximately 2 miles from the bars.  I did not know this.  When asked whether we could walk there or not (assuming I was an expert on Louisville), I said "yes" even though I didn't even know which direction to walk.  We ended up going about 1.5 miles before we spotted our first destination of the night - Jillians.  We were all happy to get inside, get drinks, and sit our asses in some comfy sofas in the smoking lounge where we enjoyed some Cuban cigars compliments of JCTMH.

Next we continued on to several other bars along Bardstown Road and eventually ended up at Have a Nice Day Cafe.  I have a lot of pictures from here.  50% of them are blurry and non-recognizable, 30% of them are boring, 18% of them are slightly incriminating, and the remaining 2% (3 pictures) are:

After this, the night was a haze.  I know we split into a few groups by the end of the night, and the next thing I remember is being back at the hotel.  When you have too many guys in a hotel room and a few of them are passed out, bad things are bound to happen.  I added the following buttonfaces to my collection:

And also snapped a nice one of Paul and Henry spooning:

The night ended with everyone being hungry and no resturaunts being open.  We though we hit jackpot when we got ahold of Bartow on his cell while he was cabbing it back to the hotel.  We told him to bring back 2 crave cases.  He brough a six-sack and some fries.  At this point, I decided to leave, and took m1 and JCTMH with me.  At about 4am, we drove to Indiana and went to Denny's.  We dropped a drunken JCTMH off at the airport around 6am to catch his 8am flight and headed back to Indy on no sleep.  I started halucinating after about 30 miles and m1 took over.  Everyone made it safely home.  I slept the entire next day.

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