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Posted November 03, 2003 at 08:21:26 AM by Bean

Here ar some incoherant updates:

  • Well, HalloBean 4.0 was a success.  I'll be posting stories, pictures, etc on the HalloBean website as I have time this week.  If anyone out there has some good pictures that they'd like to put up, email them to me.
  • I am supposed to be working 10 hours per week at Acterna.  I averaged about 8 or 9 for 3 weeks, and have still not recieved a check.  I ddin't go in at all lat week, and I probably wont be going in this week (Vegas, Baby).  But what the hell... what are they gonna do, fire me?  I already quit.
  • I require more sleep per night than I am currently getting.
  • Stef, Bilal, Sue, Jimmy, Shawna (sp?), Stacy, Nasser, and I went to Kabuto Saturday evening for some Japanese Steakhouse action.  It was very cool... I finally got to see the onion volcano that I have heard so much about.  I decided that if I ever built a giant griddle in my house to cook on, I would probably spend 90% of the time squirting alcohol on the grill and lighting it.  Neato.
  • We have 4 cats: one pukes a lot, one sprays gravy-like fluid on things, one will have nothing to do with me, and one attacks my feet in the middle of the night with fish hook claws.
  • I had a peanut butter banana bagle from Panera, and it was good.

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