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Polka Cracked?
Posted November 06, 2003 at 03:59:24 PM by Bean

This is a curious spam.  It was obviously populated using a random selection of words triggered off of a macro named $RANDOMIZE (mistyped several times).  Not sure where the image came from, though.  My favorite random words featured  below are "sapsucker" and "breakfasted."  How does on get "breakfasted?"

Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 20:46:42 GMT
From: Lilia Marcus <
Subject: polka cracked

testifiers aries adroit crest tally boring idlers bertie countered tappet
accidentally bramble crosswise accosting brazen meekest scarves taxiing
postmen algerian blustery cotyledons mats hugging thatch etiology covet
tempting middleman policy $RANDO MIZE illustrations matrimonial
admirers billiken housed exigent secondary saute critical tattered hotshot
exponentiations accretion mesh pogo metabolite europeans huckleberry
actaeon boasters admits seating tenet europe excite memorial bailey
exemplify scheming maxims $RANDOM IZE beaumont tallness sapsucker
scorpions augustus accurately accrues tantalum teachable humidifiers
crossovers brakeman boarder adrenaline medallion aztecan texture
pottery scarcely hypothesize scrape


tasteless argive postulated metallurgy imaging politic microphone
hydrothermal humidified cozy criticise creativity scowled exceeding
brakeman taint hove 2nd meaningful pleases hydrate cribs teller
armenian mete exits maternity satiate seafare bolstering $RANDOM IZE bluegrass
ignorance expropriate scorches populated corrupts scoped thanked
meetinghouse tell adulterer blushes adored exactness plop screamed
evicted exemption saturates theatric balinese counters anglican
exactitude taping illuminate mewed taps exert mentalities $RANDOMI ZE
seaport hundredth exchanging breakfasted counterintuitive bangor poise
hornmouth boatswains advised counsel bomb horseman scalding albany
pleasure polity criticism hydroelectric abe melting

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