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Driving, Passing, Etc. [Updated]
Posted November 13, 2003 at 05:01:19 PM by Bean

I thought I'd chime in with my opinion on this whole driving fiasco.  I usually drive between 75 and 80 on major interstates, and all in all, I agree with Bartow, with the following exception:  I stay in the right lane except when I have to pass someone.  I don't cruise along in the fast lane looking for someone to piss off.

But, if I get into the left lane and begin passing a row of cars then someone comes up behing me doing > 80, I am not going to go out of my way to let the chump by.  I am not going to cram into the crowded left lane behind grandma and slow down to 65 just so m2 doesn't have to slow down from 90 to 80.  Wait your damn turn, I was here first... why should I get fucked out of my extra mph instead of you?

If there is ample room for me to get to the right, let speedy by, and move back left without having to tap my brakes - I am all for it.  Good luck, get up there and flush out those speed traps.

Lastly, if speedy starts going m2-psycho on me, tailing me, honking, etc, he is only going to end up going slower.  I have been know to play the "you can't pass me" game for 75 miles or so.  I think I might get a "I may be slow, but I am in front of you" bumper sticker.

Updatem2 references the "greater good" in is retort to the retorted retort.  Here are the things I don't like about his concept of the "greater good" of highway driving:

  • If everyone was as smart as m2 and knew all about traffic dynamics, perhaps we could all get along better.  However, this will never be the case, so I am looking out for #1 (me, not m1).
  • The "greater good" doesn't always equal "bean's good".
  • Perhaps me slowing m2 down from mach I to 80mph is the "greater good".
  • How could you use a race anaolgy to argue the "greater good" of driving?  If I am in a race, and I am in front of you, then I must have done something right - fuck if I am gonna go out of my way to let you by.

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