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Ugly Monkey Again
Posted November 24, 2003 at 01:28:41 PM by Bean

Stef and I went back to the Ugly Monkey Saturday night.  We were both saddedned to see that they had done away with many of the unique things that made th eplace enjoyable.  No longer can hot chicks straddle you and pour liquor down your throat as you spun in a reclined barber chair - no longer can drunk chicks take free shots from a dildo on the wall above the bar - no longer can you dance around in a drunken stipor wearing oversized animal head masks - and gone are the days of the $1 grabbag beers. 

To say the place has gone downhill is an understatement.  Just about the only things that are still worth going to see are the fat midget and the funny black guy in the bathroom.  Granted, there is still nice scenery when the dance floor fills, but that's not enough of a draw to get me back any time soon.

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