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Q: What do Acterna, Paris Hilton, and Playdoh have in common?
A: This blog.

So I worked a total of about 7 weeks for Acterna after I left, on a contract basis.  I have only recieved one paycheck, and it was for weeks 3 and 4.  I have decided not to work any more until I get paid up to date, and even then, I probably wont put too much more time in.

So I watched the Paris Hilton sex tape.  It was blurry and green.  But I still liked it.  You see... I have this resentment for people like her, who are famous simply because they are rich.  I had never heard of her until about 1 year ago, now she is all over the news, magazines, and, well, the Internet.  She obviously has a severely skewed sense of what the world is like (as can be seen in her TV show) and probably doesnt realize how lucky she is to be a billionairess socialite.  But anyway, I figure since I, along with the rest of the world, got to see her poonanny, we are even.

Most kids I know had Playdoh growing up.  I opened a can of it the other day because my nephew had some.  The smell took me back.  It was at that point than I knew I had to lick it.  The taste took me back too.

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