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In less that 11 hours, 2003 will be gone forever.

I remember thinking that 2000 seemed so far away, so far in the future.  Now it seems so far back.  Crazy how time goes by faster as you get older.  I guess since each passing year is by definition a smaller percentage of total time passed, we perceive it to be that way.

So what will I look back and remember about 2003?  Well, at the top of the list, I'll remember fact that I lived like a gypsie for the whole year.  I've lived in 4 places in the last 12 months, and am looking to jump to number 5 as soon as possible.  I'll remember that it was the year I bought my first house, and how great that felt.  I'll remember that quit Acterna and took a new job with Tony.  I'll remember the wars, and the pictures of Saddam's capture and his dead sons.  I'll remember Stef, and the trips we took to Chicago, Florida, Toronto, and Vegas.  I'll remember the duck, the blogs, and all of the fests.  I'll remember finally being back home, and being able to see my family every day.  And most of all, I'll remember Werner Gohl, the elderly homosexual german drunk who hangs out at The Spot in Bloomfield yelling "Come to me with your pants in your hand" at Rachael and delacring that his "Momma" told him to "Shop around."

So cheers to 2003, a good 365 days by my book, and cheers to Werner Gohl.  Here's hoping for another great year to come in 2004.

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bean (May 25, 2006 at 04:54:51 PM):
2.5 years later.
"each passing year is by definition a smaller percentage of total time passed" = "time goes by faster as you get older" seems even mo betta true.
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