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3 Houses
Posted January 12, 2004 at 08:47:18 AM by Bean

Stef and I went and looked at a few houses Sunday.  All of them are in the same neighborhood, and of the 5 or 6 we looked at, there were 3 that we liked.  I'm having a hard time picking out which one I like best, so I was hoping for some help.

All houses have 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and full walk-out basements.  All of the lot sizes are between .22 and .3 acres.

House A made the cut because it has a really big garage (27'6" X 21'6") and a nice big bonus room above it.  Garages on the other houses are around 20 X 20, so comparitively, House A's garage is a monster.  It also has nice vaulted ceilings, a big master bedroom and a neat entryway into the basement.  The lots is slightly wooded in the back.  The driveway has a sewer cap right in the middle of it.  Also, the bathrooms are pretty tiny and there isnt much closet space on the first floor.  This house could be finished by the end of Feb. and is 136,990 for 1428 square feet.

House B has a nce, big kitchen with an open wall/bar into the living room.  It has a seperate dining room and a cool basement layout.  The basement is already framed for finishing and the rest of the house is pretty much done.  It could be ready for move-in in under 3 weeks.  There were no vaulted ceilings, but the rooms seemed layed out better and wider.  This house is 129,990 for1294 square feet.

House C is a lot like house B in that it has a nice kitchen, cool basement layout (framed) and no vaulted ceilings.  The lot that it is on is much nicer, flat a deep with lots of room for a big patio, deck, etc.  It has lots of closet space in the bedrooms and kitchen and is ready to be sold as-is.  The kitchen was not open to the living room, but the back dining room is pretty big and open.  $132,990 for 1473 square feet.

Please to helping me decide.

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