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JCTMH - He's Back!
Posted January 19, 2004 at 08:48:18 AM by Bean

Stef and I watched the first part of the Colts game at Barkley's house Sunday while dining on deep fried turkey.  Quite tasty.  Sampled some of his homebrew ass wheel.  Also tasty.  The game pretty much sucked from what I can piece together with my limited knowledge of football, but atleast it was an excuse to stuff my face and have a few beers. 

There are those of us who had more than a few beers, though.  "Who?" you may ask.  "JCTMH".

JCTMH is a big colts fan, and sports fan in general.  He called me shortly after the game ended.  He was at BW3's in Chicago somewhere, and he was feeling the flow, working it, workin it:

Me: Hello?
JCTMH: kaysaa dooyufay sddsdjkdh iieasshjdf!
Me: Huh?
JCTMH: kreyhdsns teeeenussusuoihfjdf as hoewhass upo?!
Me: What?  I can't understand you.
JCTMH: saylebduiu tenuopoqwieeywt ystd!
Me: Dude, I can't understand what you are saying.
JCTMH: Caleb Tennis is an asshole, whats up?
Me: What the fuck?
JCTMH: I need a phone number for Benjamin Maxson.
Me: He's at Koji's I think.
JCTMH: Hold on
Someone else: Hello?
Me: Hi, who is this?
Someone else: Who is this?
Me: Ben.
Someone else: Hey Ben... here's sean.
JCTMH: Caleb Tennis is an asshole, am I right?
Me: huh?
JCTMH (in a lower pitched voice): Yep, your'e right!
JCTMH: AM.... I... RIGHT?!!
JCTMH (in a lower pitched voide): Yep you're right!
JCTMH: Am I right am I right am I right am I right am I right...
Me: Umm.

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