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I think I have my house in Indy sold.  And I'm not even going to lose my ass on it, either!  I think I may come out up or down around $1000, depending on what happens to my proratred insurance payment and escrowed tax payments.

Original list price: $128,490, including appliances.
Their offer: $128,490, I pay $4100 of buyers closing costs, they get appliances.
My counter: $129,490, I pay $3000 buyers closing costs, I keep appliances. (Accepted)

Not too bad... I am coming down about $1000 net from my original list.  It's a shame that I could have made a cool 10k on this house had I been able to sell it on my own.  Instead, John Sturm of FC Tucker is walking away with a 10k paycheck for about 40 hours worth of work.  But, I'm not bitter, I'm just happy to be getting this over with and into my new house.

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