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I Met The Potentate
Posted January 27, 2004 at 09:05:46 AM by Bean

Yeah, that's right, I met the Potentate. 

"The Potentate?" you ask.  "Yes, the Potentate."

"Doesn't that make you think of the phrase 'sway I'm tate nabate' ?" you ask.  "Yes, every time."

His Illustrious Sir, Barry Cook, Potentate, is the President of the Murat Shriners, Indiana's largets Shrine club.  Stef's dad belongs to Murat, and Tarum (Murat backwards) which is the local Richmond, IN branch.  2 Weekends ago, he was sworn in as Vice President of the Tarum Shrine.  Also, as a suprise, Stef's mom got the Presidents Award at the ceremony.  It was the first time a woman ever got the award.

Stef and I attended the ceremony, and I snapped a few pictures.  Look at all those funny fezzes!

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