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BSB2 Honey Buns
Posted February 05, 2004 at 04:27:09 PM by Bean in the Flashbacks category

M1 has inspired me.

I too was a BSB2 resident, and I roomed (most of the year) with JCTMH. My next door neighbor was Koji (of kojiblog fame), and his roommate was Tom. Tom's mom always sent him food... and I'm not talking about just any normal amount of food, but laundry baskets full of Honey Buns, bags and bags of candy, and cases, cartons, and boxes of assorted snack products. This was a blessing, indeed, as well as one of the reasons I grew to be such a fat-ass my freshman year.

I used to go to Tom's room all the time. I'd walk in, and my eyes would light up when I saw the snacks. After asking for some, Tom would assure me that it was okay for me to partake. Eventually, I quit asking. Later, I didn't even care whether Tom was in his room or not, I'd just go in and take what I wanted.

After time, Tom decided that I was taking advantage of the situation, so he started hiding the food. This deterred me for approximately 10 seconds. I would always find his hiding place and chow down. There are only so many places to hide your stash in a 12 x 12 room with concrete walls. Not to be made a fool of, Tom started locking his door. And, unfortunately for me, Tom's door was one of the few on the floor that could not be picked with a credit card. Fortunately for me, however, I had a screwdriver. The next time his door was opened, I took off the knob, lock, etc., so that there was just a hole in his door. From that point on, it was Honey Buns for every meal. I love happy endings!

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