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Birfday Number 27
Posted March 05, 2004 at 02:47:34 PM by Bean

I mentioned my birthday a few blogs back and have been harassed nonstop ever since to blog a blog about it.  Caleb took some pictures and forwarded me a few of them.  Rather than try to explain all of the events of the night (very few of which I can recall) and annotate with pictures (none of which I remember being taken), I will instead post the following picture for examination:

My comments:

  1. Nobody in this picture is making a "normal" facial expression.
  2. John (in the background) is either exhaling smoke or whistlin' Dixie.
  3. The sound I bet Terri (in the background) is making: "BANG!"
  4. Dear Chad, WTF?  Love, Bean.

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