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Screenplay 2
Posted March 18, 2004 at 08:07:52 AM by Bean

Dooly, giving his LRAD dry-run presentation.

Bossman: So Shawn, how does this thing work?
Dooley: Well, sir, you see right here, I just flip this switch...
Bossman: ...
Dooley: And... well, it was supposed to...
Bossman: Son, what kind of demo is this?
Dooley: was working last night... I don't know...
Bossman: Son, are your eyes bloodshot?
Dooley: ...
Bossman: Have you been smoking the drugs?
Dooley: ...
Bossman: Security, get in here, have this man's vehicle searched.
Dooley: Holy crap.
[10 minutes later]
Secutity: All we found in his vehicle was 15 boxes if IGA fried chicken.
Bossman: No hash needles or pot bongs or opium?
Security: No, sir, just chicken, and some deer bologna.
Bossman: I see.
Dooley: ...bang.

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