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Posted March 22, 2004 at 08:06:25 AM by Bean

This past weekend, I sustained 4 injuries to my hands, as outlined below:

  1. While moving my dishwasher, I ran my right pinkey knuckle (middle one) along a metal support brace, cutting two holes in the loose skin that wrinkles up when I extend my pinkey.  Ouch factor: FUCK!
  2. While wiring my living room for surround sound, I was pulling a wire through a cutout in a composite 2x10 and cut a 1/4" gash in the end knuckle of the same hand.  Note that this bled like a mofo.  Ouch factor: FUCK!
  3. While trying to wire for surround sound (the previous day), I rand my right index finger knuckle (middle one) along an exposed edge of ductwork, shaving a few layers of skin off clean.  The skin was still in the duct the following day.  Ouch factor: FUCK, SHIT!
  4. While screwing in the dishwasher mounting braces, I jammed a philips head screwdriver bit into the meat of the tip my left index finger.  Holy crap did that hurt.  Definately a FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK DAMMIT SHIT FUCK!! ouch factor.  Bonus, this one got infected and is swollen today!

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