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Cold Room, Part 3
Posted March 29, 2004 at 11:09:52 PM by Bean in the Beer category

After Steve headed home Friday night, I went ahead and began to insulate the front wall. First, I hung more r-13 fiberglass in the stud cavities and stapled everything in place. At this point, I realized that the room was only 1 wall short of being completely enclosed, so I decided to test it out. I stood a sheet of foamboard up at the entrance and cranked on the AC. It got down to 50 in a hurry, but then I decided to move on... no need to freeze up my AC just yet. Next, I put up plywood on the indide of the front wall and glued 2" rigid foamboard to it, again securing it with a few screws. I filled all of the joints with spray foam and snapped a pic of the inside. Approximate r-value of the front wall: 26.

Now for some wiring. My basement didn't come wired very thoroughly, so while Stef's dad (an electritian by trade) was in town Saturday, I had him rum me two new circuits: a dedicated line for the AC and some general purpose outlets for in and around the cold and warm rooms. The AC outlet faces the warm room interior and two GP outlets are outside. I also put an outlet inside the cold room so that I can have some lighting if I need it. Flipped the breakers on and everything looked fine, so I covered the front wall with vapor barrier and called it complete, until the drywalling begins.

For the floor, I laid down some vapor barrier and then stacked two layers of 2" foamboard on top. I Liquid Nail'd the foam together and then filled around the sides with Great Stuff. I later cut the Great Stuff flush, caulked the seams with silicon, and dropped a peice of plywood on top to prevent the foam from getting dammaged. Approximate r-value of the floor: 20.

Stay tuned!

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