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Cold Room, Part 4
Posted April 06, 2004 at 01:32:42 PM by Bean in the Beer category

Time for the door.  I decided to go with a standard interior door and tackle the insulating challenge after it was installed.  After half-ass installing some new studs, M1, Steve and I mounted the door and got it plum, square, and level.  Next, we cut a slab of 2" foamboard (r-10) and liquid nailed it to the inside of the door.  We left 3/8" gaps all the way around to account for the hinge radius and inner lip that the door closes to.  As a test, we put some cheap weather stripping along the lip to gauge the seal.  It seemed to work, but I think I am going to get some more heavy-duty stripping to make sure.  M1 then sealed some of the gaps with silicone caulk.

We finished off this short construction day by adding a chunk of 2" fomaboard to the top of the cold room.  It is liquid nailed along all of the seams and held in place with a long woodscrew so the adhesive could set up.  Once dry, I'll fill the top cavity with whatever insulation scraps I have left.

Even though we hadnt finished sealing all of the seams or insulating the area around the AC unit, we decided to flip the switch and try this thing out.  The room got down to 40 degrees and stayed there.  I put a six pack in and drank the first beer chilled by my cold room about 2 hours later.  BANG!

Still yet to come: Thermostat rework, AC insulation, and finishing touches.

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