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Posted May 05, 2004 at 01:21:32 PM by Bean

"Blog a blog, already" they tell me.  And so I will, but you may not like it.

As is somewhat evident by my last post, I am preoccupied with many things.  Am I going throught a mid-life crisis?  A "quarter-life" crisis?  I dont know.  All I know is that I have so many questions that are unanswered. 

Why does Faith conflict with science on so many levels?  I was taught about God, and was taught to believe in him.  I was taught about Faith, and why it is the cornerstone of religion.  I was also taught scientific facts.  Evolution.  Cosmic history.  Physics and quantum mechanics.  But the two ideas, science and religion, lie at opposite ends of a sliding scale.  Any belief placed along that line can be easily shuffeled to one end with simple arguments.  You can't have "a little" faith.  You can't "sorta" believe in science.

So which is it?  I want to believe in God and in Heaven.  I want to believe that I have a soul.  But how can I deny the proofs of science that I have lived with all my life?  How can I ignore what seem to be the facts?

These thoughts have driven me to a bad place.  I am becomming less and less able to work effectively, to enjoy nice sunny days, and to be happy in general.  I am seeking help from a number of different people, but haven't figured anythign out yet.  If this continues much longer without some kind of resolution, I'll have to see a shrink and/or medicate myself if I have any intention of being a happy, productive person again.

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