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Don't Stop
Posted May 11, 2004 at 01:41:03 PM by Bean

I decided to keep blogging about this experience because someday I want to look back and examine what thoughts led me to my beliefs.  I don't know what they'll be... God, no God, aliens, tark, determinism, who knows.

Seems to me that I can argue for and against almost anything.  Maybe I'm being arrogant.  I've heard convincing arguments for the existence of a supreme being that is full of benevolence.  I've also read reasons on why no such deity need exist to explin our world.  I've read proofs that God is evil.  There are so many people with such varying beliefs, that it's impossible for me to pick on say say "There, THAT one is right."

But when I boil it down, and look at religion as a whole, as a concept, it becomes explainable by science.  I know... you can't prove or disprove a supernatural being by natural means (science), but the the core idea of the supernatural, of religion, can be examined under the microscope.  Is the formation of religion in human society something that can be explained by biological/social evolution?  Does it provide any obvious benefits to "believers"... to the human race in general?

Faith gives us hope... it comforts us and gives us a way to cope with tradgedy and with death.  It allows us to function in productive ways... to go about our lives without constant worry.  It helps us explain things that we cannot explain with science.  At a larger level, it forms social bonds.  These bonds bring individuals together into groups, which are strogner as a whole than any individual would be alone. 

I think it does.  And because of that, I think that it becomes explainable, and no longer supernatural.

Where science forges forward, religion hides in the shadows.  What kind of hope or purpose does that leave me with?  I'm no more than the sum of my wet, meaty parts.  But remember... above I said "Seems to me that I can argue for and against almost anything."  What's my argument againt the religion of science?  The religion of evolution?  My only argument is that it does not reflect how I "feel" inside.  Pretty lame, eh?  But that's all I got.

In related news: Tomorrow morning, I'll be meeting with a doctor for blood work and tests.  Tomorrow afternoon, it's off to the friendly psychiatrist.  Then, in the evening, a chat with some religious friends.  As down as all of the cyclical thinking get's me, it does atleast feel good to be working towards some kind of goal.

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