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God, Or The Lack There Of
Posted May 15, 2004 at 11:53:20 PM by Bean

Friday evening, I was, for the first time able to say outloud "I don't believe in God."  Sounds like a simple thing, but it was very hard to do.  I was raised with God in my life.  And althought I was far from a "good" Christian, I was Christian nonetheless, and taking God out of the picture is somehting that I do not know how to tackle.

Friday night, I took a Paxil CR, 25mg as perscribed by my family doctor.  It is supposed to "help me get through the weekend."  I am not sure how though, because it takes 1-2 weeks (up to 4 even) to become effective.  I decided I am not going to take any more until I talk to a psychiatrist.  I have an apointment with yet another psychiatrist Wednesday, and everyone keeps telling me "She's good."  According to her secretary "Nobody leaves her office without feeling better."  Sounds good to me.

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