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Posted May 28, 2004 at 08:27:33 AM by Bean

There was quite a bit of severe weather in the Kentuckiana area last night.  High wind sheer was evident by the Super Doppler Storm Center Viper 3 LiveCast, and the WHAS 11 Hi-Def FutureTrac Doppler scans showed lots of heavy rain and hail.  My subdivision was at the center of a "hook" in the wind sheer - a definite precursor to a tornado.  Sure enough, there were several touchdown throughout Indiana and Kentucky.  Lots of trees down, lots of shit blown all over the place, and Biblical flooding pretty much drowned the poor SOB that own the house at the lowest point in my hood. 

I waited outside while the weather was approaching.  It was neat because I could look inside on the TV and see the cloud patterns, then walk outside and map them out in the sky.  By my estimation, we were pretty much directly in the path of the pre-tornadic hook.  The clouds were awesome.  They were moving in completely different directions depending on where you looked in the sky.  I really want to see a tornado first hand some day, and for a few minutes, I thought yesterday might be that day.  Once the calm side of the hook was over us, I could clearly see the not-so-calm side coming.  There was hella-lightning popping out of it about every 3 seconds.

When the wind picked up and the horizontal rain became so heavy I couldn't see, I decided to join Stef in the basement.  It took me a while to gather up the cats, and by the time I was down there with all of them, the worst had passed.  All that was left was a plain old thunderstorm.  More tornados followed, but none were as close as the first wave.  Despite the destruction of several houses and buisnesses, no injuries have yet been reported.

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