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Me Time
Posted June 03, 2004 at 11:38:16 AM by Bean

To put it bluntly, I like pooping.  The following are my reasons:

  1. It feels good.  When you are all "filled up" and finaly get to drop the kids off, it's such a great feeling of relief.
  2. M dot out.  I am a big fan of mass flow out of my body.  This leads to me being less fat.  The more I poop, the skinnier I get.  This goes for peeing too.  Not so much for vomitting, because of the taste and whatnot.
  3. Fun topic of conversation.  Anytime two guys are talking, and a voids arises in the conversation, you can discuss you latest BM.  Hilarity ensues.  This is very prominent in the duck.
  4. Reminder.  Remeber what you ate for dinner last night.  I love to eat, so thinking back to that awesome feast from yesterday brings me pleasure (or regret it if it was spicey).
  5. Break.  Isn't it nice to just take a break fom work to lounge on the pot for a few minutes.  Now that's some quality ME time.

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