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I Smelt It
Posted June 04, 2004 at 08:52:49 AM by Bean

My sophomore year in college, I decided to rent a house off campus with two other guys (non-fraternity folk).  About 2 weeks before school was going to start, JCTMH and I drove up to the Haute to get the keys, move in a few bits of furniture, and check the place out.  While there, we decided to get drunk and crash in the new pad for the night.  We didn't have cable set up yet, so when we went out to get beer (thanks to Jeans fake ID) we also picked up a few movies to watch.

After downing the first few beers, we realized that there was a problem.  The water was turned off.  This made it difficult to pee.  Outside was not an option due to the close proximity of neighbors and total lack of privacy, and indoor urination was limited to 2 times, since there were 2 toilets with full resivours.  A few hours into the evening, and a few pisses in each toilet later, we decided to flush it.  For the rest of the night, we peed in the toilets knowing that we would not be able to flush.  Bad move.

We left the next morning and headed home.  2 weeks later I came back to the house (which had no AC turned on) to discover a repulsive smell throughout the entire place.  That rotten piss smell almost made me vomit when I opened the door.  Even after airing the place out for a few days, the smell was still there.  It was perhaps one of the nastiest smells I ever done smellt.  Definately low on the trach-bang scale.

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