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Posted June 18, 2004 at 09:33:18 AM by Bean

Here are a few updates for all ya'll blogoholics

  • Wedding - Stef and I are getting into this whole wedding planning thing.  Keep November 13, 2004 open on your calender, and be sure to check out for wedding details.  It doesn't have much content in it yet (I am still building it), but we will be finishing it soon.  I did all of the graphics myself.
  • SummerDuck Plunge - July 17 is the new date.  I am going to build the Plunge Pond this weekend (anyone wanna help?), and try to set up some kind of RSVP system at
  • HalloBean - HalloBean 5.0 will happen October 30, 2004.  See for details.  I haven't gotten into the prop-building and planning yet this year, but I do have a few projects from last year that I will complete and possible expand upon this year.  Also, I'll have some pneumatic props for 5.0!
  • Cold Room - The cold room (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) is holding stead between 38F and 43F.  I have 1 keg of tasty BaccaChew Wheat on tap and 1 keg of St. Ducks Porter that went bad (gonna dump it).  I don't have the taps mounted through the wall yet, but that's on my to-do list for the upcoming weeks.
  • Brewing - I built a large 2-tiered workbench to hold all of my brewing equipment and am in the process of building a HERMS brewing system.  I have most of my vessels mounted on the workbench and a magnetic-coupled pump for moving hot fluids from one to the other.  I'll blog a detailed blog about it some day, after I finish putting it all together.  I dont have the heat exchanger for the HERMS built yet, but I am still goign to brew something this weekend with the equipment I have.  Not sure exactly what just yet.

So yeah... lot's of stuff going on.  It's gonna be a busy summer and fall.

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