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Posted July 06, 2004 at 12:36:12 PM by Bean

A while back, the now-defunkt CongoBlog had some posts about trying to invent new types of hamburgers.  CongoBlog author John and I gave it another shot Monday.  It should be noted that usual burger spices (salt, pepper, chopped onions, eggs, etc) were used in addition the ingredients listed below.  Here are our results.

  • Inside-out jalapeno cheeseburger: Jalapenos and pepper-jack cheese were places at the center of a ball of meat, which was then flattened.  Upon grilling, care was taken not to smash the burger, so that the suprise middle would remain intact.  The end result was a very juicy burger with a great, gooey, spicey core.  Bang.
  • Onion suprise: Make 2 thin patties.  Mix a little bit of extra meat with a lot of A1.  Slice a chunk of onion and place it on the inside of the two think patties along with the A1 mixture.  Seal the edges so you end up with a samich with A1 and onions in the nmiddle of meat.  It seperated during grilling and exposed the onion, but all in all was a tasty burger.
  • Hotdog burger: Warp a hotdog in burger meat and grill it.  This turned out quite nice.
  • Supercheeseburger: Mix copious amounts of shredded cheese in with the meat.  This burger fell completely apart during grilling.  Trach.
  • Chickendog burger: hide chopped up chicken breast (pre-cooked) and hotdog bits on the inside of a ball of meat.  Flatten and grill.  Surpisingly bangarific.
  • Mustard burger: Add lots of mustard to the meat before grilling.  Difficult to keep together and not very good.  During grilling, this burger turned green.  Nast.
  • Corn burger: Cut some leftover corn on the cob off of the cob and mix it in with the burger meat.  Grill as normal.  Despite the visual similarity to a corny turd, this burger turned out great.  Smelled like cornbread and tasted like you were eating roasted corn on the cob and a burger at the same time.  Check back tomorrow and I'll have pics of a few of these burgers.

I have to say the corn burger suprised me and came out as my favorite.  My least favorite was the mustard burger.  I didnt even get to taste the Supercheeseburger, but I'm sure it would have been better than that green mustard MF.

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