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En Fuego
Posted July 11, 2004 at 07:12:48 PM by Bean

Friday night, Steve and Brianna came down to eat some pizza and try out some of my vodka soaked fruit.  I am trying a few different kinds out, in preparation for SDP.  Vodka probably isn't the best word to use, really, as teh alcohol used was 190 proof Everclear.  Ah yes, Everclear, the precurson to so many bad nights for so many different people.

Back in school, I used to like trying to blow flames with Bacarda 151 and Everclear on occasion.  I wasn't always successful (usually due to inebriation), but the shenanigens usually resulted in good times being had by all.  So, I decided to stir up some old memories and DITBABAI (Do It Then Blog A Blog About It) !


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