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Wet Willy's
Posted July 13, 2004 at 11:34:42 AM by Bean in the Beer category
Went to Wet Willy's Saturday night with Stef, John & Terri, Terri's friend Jamie, and Jamie's cousin. Wet Willy's is a new bar in Louisville that's on one of the main "happenin" drags of the city. It's a pretty weird little hangout... lot's of cool ideas scrunched into one place. For instance, they have some of those wacky vertical ceiling fans. Man, I love those things. They also have a whole section of the bar that is all wicker furniture - and another section of stone furniture. Their bartop is all hand-hammered copper and used to have a long fishtank built into it (it has been converted to a terrarium) One of the weirdest things is the room that you go through right when you come in the place... it has a glass floor with an aligator habitat underneath, and yes, there is an aligator in it.

Now all that cool stuff is fine for "ohhs" and "ahhs" but the real beauty of this bar is the drink selection. Besides having a standard full bar, they have 30 frozen drink machines churning out every flavor of daquari (or rita, or colada, or whatever) you can think of lining the top of the bar. They also have 68 beer taps mounted behind the bar - undoubtably the biggest selection of drafts in the area. BUT WAIT, THERES MORE! The bartendresses are more than happy to dole out "tastes" of any frozen drink or beer you want. This led to me getting to taste a wide range of beers that I'd never had before. A definate BANG in my book.

After the bar, we went back to Jamie's to play some poker. I almost won the $30 pot but lost to Jamie (I had pocket Kings, and went all in. She called, and flopped Aces). Around 2:30, it was time to head home. It had been a while since my "beer tasting" adventure at Willy's so I decided to drive. On the way, I got pulled over.

I had to sit for about 10 minutes while the cop who pulled me over waited for backup. The backup administered the full barrage of drunk tests on me (all of which I passed) and then gave me a breathalizer. After I blew in the tube, the cop discarded the tube on the ground (nice role modle, litterbug) and we watched the number count up. It stoped at 0.070. "You are free to go" he said, "Here's a warning for speeding - no ticket, no fine, no points on your liscense." I then bent down and picked up the blow tube and said "Can I take this?" "Sure" he said. So I did. In the morning, I examined the contents of my pocket and decided to take a picture and BABAI.

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