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Posted July 30, 2004 at 08:36:50 AM by Bean

We had a fire alarm go off in our building yesterday around 5.  Standard operating procedure is that everyone leaves the building and  walks across the street.  Someone is in charge of brining the book  that tells who is still here.  That person noticed that "bruce" wasn't outside and was still listed on the book.  We discussed it and decided that he had been seen very recently in the building and that since it was most likely a false alarm, nobody would go get him unless we saw smoke.  So all the 9 billion firemen on base show up and converge on the building.  Pretty soon, here comes "bruce" waddling out of the building.  One thing about "bruce" is that he's nearly deaf and has these hearing aids that apparently don't pick up the sound of a fire alarm.  The lead fireman was chewing him out for not leaving the building when the alarm went off and he's like, I'm deaf.  Asslow, "bruce's" nickname is milton, after the office space character.

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