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Broadripple Brewfest
Posted August 05, 2004 at 03:53:32 PM by Bean in the Beer category

Went to the BrewFest in Indianapolis last weekend. Good times overall. Lots of tasty, tasty beers. As usual, there was a long line. Once we were inside, Stef got her first sample. It was crowded. We hung out with the happy famiry for a while, and I looked up Koji's nose. His friend checked out my shoulder and assured me it was indeed effed up. Bilal showed up about 30 minutes before the shindig was over and posed for a few pictures.

Things to note about BrewFest 2004:

  • There were a lot more beers than last year. 3 full tents as opposed to 2 sparsely populated ones.

  • The pours were heavy. No more of the stupid "1 ounce limit" pours from years prior.

  • It didn't rain. A first in my book.

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