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Sunnybrook Kolsch
Posted August 08, 2004 at 03:34:01 PM by Bean

As promised, here is my label.  The beer is fermenting away at a comfortable 62 degrees, thanks to my new fermentation box.  It's a cube made of 2" foamboard that I can sit over up to two carboys and connect via two vinyl tubes to my chest freezer.  An el-cheapo thermostat controls a PC fan and keeps the temp where I want it.

I should be set to keg the batch of Duck's Porter that I did 2 weeks ago pretty soon.  I'll probably let it go for another fews days at 62 degrees, then chill it down to 42 before kegging. 

Also, I finally got my third tap mounted.  The 12" shank I had receieved from was defective and wouldn't form a seal.  When I told them about it, they shipped me a new one without any hassle.  So it's now in place and on active duty trying to empty the keg of Miller Lite I have left over from SDP.  Anyone care to help me take care of that?

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