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I bought a Gmail account off Ebay a few weeks ago and started playing with it.  It's pretty nice.  You can just "archive" all of your messages and then get back to them by searching via keyword, sender, subject, whatever.  Handy.  And you get 1 gig of storage, so you can pretty much save everything without worrying about running out of space.

The thing about Gmail is you have to be "invited" in order to get an account.  Only select individuals were given invites at first, and this led to a gmail-invite-market on Ebay.  I bought mine for about $5 in August (they are a lot cheaper now).  Once you sign up for Gmail, you accrue more invites that you can send out to friends, etc, based on you usage I guess.  I have 6 invites right now that I can send out.  Anyone want one to try?  Leave a comment.

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