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Posted September 17, 2004 at 10:19:00 PM by Bean in the Beer category
Well, it's been a busy week. Busy at work, not busy in the blogs, that is. Been adding a lot of functionality to our online auditing/management system and it's really starting to develop into a pretty powerful tool. Kinda like me.

Anyway, I did brew another batch of beer... no link to the recipe since is down right now, but here's the jist of it: 3 pounds of wheat DME, 1 pound of light DME, and .75 ounces of Tettnanger hops went into a 60 minute boil. At flameout, I dumped in a big can of Oregon Cherry Puree, cooled the wort, and put it on top of the yeast cake left from S3. It began fermentation by the next day. In a few weeks, I'll have Kirschweizen (Cherry Wheat).

Also, Top Secret Experiment #1 (TSE#1) was officially a success. I just finished TSE#2, and it is looking even better than the first! TSE#2b will take place Sunday night - details to follow next week.

And I'm spent, that's all I got, are you happy? I'm turning in early tonight so I can get up bright and early to head to the Nasty to visit M1 and friends. Itinerary for tomorrow: drive, eat, drink, pong, baseball game, Hofbrauhaus, shenanigans, hilarity. Habba enjoy weekend!

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