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Posted September 20, 2004 at 12:20:03 PM by Bean

As I mentioned in my last entry, Stef and I ventured to Cincinasty Saturday to participate in some shenanigens.  We left Indiana around 11am and drove to M1s apartment complex in downtown Nasty.  M1 had reserved a room in his complex and wheeled a pong table down there into it.  We set it up and began to practice.  A little while later, Koji, Yuri, Yuri's friend, Nick, Henry, Hook, and Paul showed up and the ponging began.  Henry and I won two games, but by the end of the second one, I knew I was done for a while.  We may have won the games, but we were heavily out-slammed, for sure.

At some point, Hook went to the bathroom.  He was in there for a long, long time.  I really had to go, so I decided to use the womens head.  No big deal, really, since they are individual bathrooms with locking door.  Unfortunately, I clogged that thing up big-time, which was bad news for everyone else who was waiting to go.  Color me embarassed.

After another game of pong (which I did not participate in), we grabbed Moose and headed over to the room M2 had reserved.  The "Theater Room" was in a different building owned by the same landlord, and it was pretty darn sweet.  For a $25 reservation fee, we got full use of the followng items:

  • Big projection screen/TV.
  • Pop fountian
  • Popcorn machine
  • Theater seats
  • Pool table
  • Pong table
  • Fridge
  • Plenty of space to sit, served food, and in the case of me and Stef, sleep.

M2 and friends were watching the Buckeyes game on the big screen and everyone was working on a 6' party sub and assorted side items.  I took a break from drinking and concentarted on making some food dissapear.

Then, in keeping with the previous toilet clogging, someone created a major log-jam in the men restroom next to the theater room.  Desperate for some relief, Nick decided to venture into the womens side and take care of buisness.  He noted a particular aroma as he entered.

Around 7pm, we all headed out, down the block, through Octoberfest to the Reds game.  We had some nosebleed seats, but it was an awesome night and the weather was BANG.  After about 5 innings, Stef and I decided to jet and head over to the Hofbrauhaus Newport, on the KY side of the river.  We crossed at the wrong bridge and it ended up taking us about an hour to walk there.  But the rewards were worth it.

After some chicken dancing, german drinking songs, and the funniest version of Do-Re-Me I have ever heard, the rest of the crew showed up and we all grabbed a bench outside.  Hunger pangs set in, but soon Nick showed up with a big plate of assorted sausagesGood call!  Henry must not have gotten enough, because he caught a spider and was about to eat it.  When he hesitated, Paul completed the job (poor quality vid).

A few giant mugs of beer later, we departed the HB and headed back to M1&2s pads.  I'm pretty sure I ran into Andy at some point.  There were some as-promised-shenanigens (1 2 3 4 5 6) along the walk home.  Once back to the theater room, we tore up some leftovers, flipped on the giant screen and watched some Reno 911 before calling it as night.  Good times were had by all.

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