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Before I get to the real subject of this blog, I'd like to announce that HalloBean Evites went out yesterday.  Visit to learn more.  Now, onto the ham.

Stef bought a ham last week.  A whole ham.  For the two of us.  Now that's a lot of ham.

Don't get me wrong, it's good ham, and sliced in a variety of thicknesses, but one can only eat so many ham sandwiches.  So I have been trying to think of other ways to eat it before it goes bad.  I have pan fried it with eggs for breakfast (no-brainer), Stef used it in some kick-ass gumbo last night, and I've thrown thick-sliced ham on the grill.  All are tasty options, but in the end, it's still ham.  I habba too much ham.  Anyone have any good recipes for ham?

In related news: I tried to grill some ham and accidentally left the house while the ham was still over the fire.  I had to call John to come down and turn my grill off.  When I got back, one of teh ham slices had turned into a hard black disc (which I dicarded into the neighbors lawn like a frisbee) and the other one was so burnt that it had turned into powder.  A pass with the grill scraper too care of that one.

Furthermore: Lunch today is some of that ham gumbo - then when I get home, it's ham for dinner.  And before bed, a little snack of, you guessed it!

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