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The Bruce
Posted September 25, 2004 at 10:16:56 AM by Bean

M1 works with Bruce.  I've never met Bruce, but he ocasionally pops up in conversations on the duck.  We refer to him as "The Bruce."  Anyway, last night, Stef and I met one of her friends at Wet Willy's for a few drinks.  After a random phone call to M1, we found out that The Bruce was hanging out in Louisville on the same street as us.  We decided to try and find The Bruce. 

Stef got The Bruce's phone number from M1, and as I went to dial it, I read what she had written down: 937 405 678.  I'm not sure if those are the exact same numbers, but the point is, a digit was missing.  Great.  Rather than call back get the extra digit from M1, we decided to just take advantage of our great seats along the Baxter Avenue sidewalk and just yell "Bruce?" at everyone that walked by.  About 50 "Bruce?'s" later, a guy did a double-take, walked up to us and stuck his hand out for shaking.  We were like "Bruce?" and he said "Yeah, I'm Bruce."  "From Cincinatti?," we said.  "No."  A few moments of chitchat later, Decoy-Bruce walked away and we continued our search.  Around 11pm, we gave up on The Bruce and went to Wick's for some Pizza.

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