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Posted September 28, 2004 at 11:22:30 AM by Bean

Saturday, I drove up to Indianapolis for Jimmy's bachelor party.  I joined Jim, Bilal, Jim's brothers Dave and Mike, and Ryan, a friend of Jim's from college and we headed north to Fast Times (Stop #1).  This place is a blast... they have "European-Style" indoor go-karts that ride low to the track and pull some serious G's in the corners.  We did two races on the multi-level track.  Two races is enough to drain your body as well as you wallet, so we left and headed to PF Changs (Stop #2) for some grub. 

PF Changs never fails to impress me.  Great food, a cool atmosphere, and prices that wont require a second job.  We split a couple appetizers, 5 entrees, and 3 deserts among the 6 of us and had the waiter snap a pic so I could BABAI!  In related news, the horse statues outside PF's are stubby.

After a brief break at Bilal's, where we lost Dave and Mike, we ventured to Nicky Blains (Stop #3) downtown.  A round of cigars and a round of martini's later, Nasser showed up joined the fun.  Nicky Blains has gone downhill, in my opinion.  The waitresses used to all be hot and martinis were filled to the brim - but now, it's just some overweight chick bringing out half-empty, $8 martinis.  What a let down.  We stayed long enough to smoke our cigars and drink a few drinks and then headed down the street.

Ryan called it a night at this point and headed home - the rest of us intended to hit up the Slippery Noodle, but it was "standing room only" which is Latin for "Lines at the bar and bafroom."  So we backtracked a little and ended up at Jillians (Stop #4).  Reasonably priced beers and some games to keep us entertained while we drank them.  We played some skateboarding game, a little racing, and some airhockey before heading to our next destination.

[Note: Stop #5 will not be blogged due to possible incrimination]

And to finish things off, we made a end-of-the-night stop at the Castle (Stop #6).  We split a Crave Case and a few orders of fries and had no problem at all eating them.  So, effin, tasty.

Our final destination was back at Bilal's place (Stop #7) where we dove into dessert (his candy drawer).  I ate a whole chicken made out of chocolate (wtf?) and promptly found a comfortable place to snooze.  THE END.

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