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Forever Kitten
Posted November 01, 2004 at 02:11:51 PM by Bean

I had an idea a while back for something I call “Forever Kitten.”  It’s like NetFlix, but with cute, cuddly kittens.  Here’s a quick brainstorm:

Lay of the land
Buy a 10 acre plot of land.  It should have a small pond (may have to create that myself) and be split about 50/50 between wooded area and field or prairie.  The land should be roughly square, with the pond in the center for easy access from all areas.  The pond should be no larger than 1 acre.

Cats can jump and climb very well.  Extreme care would have to be taken to insure than a cat-proof fence was erected and maintained around the 10 acre containment area.  An electrified fence would probably work, but could be problematic in the case of a power outage.  A tall, slick concrete wall would be more reliable.  A slight inward incline or lip at the top should prevent cats from climbing when the surface is irregular.  Whichever fence is used, trees within 10 feet of the fence would have to be cut down to prevent the cats from using them as jumping platforms.  The entrance to the containment area should be a two-gate setup, with a “cat-lock” zone between the gates.

In the beginning, I’d want to start with cats that were disease free and friendly, and select a good variety.  20 cats should be enough at first.  They should be at least 6 months old and should NOT be spayed, neutered, or de-clawed.  The containment area should be quarantined before releasing the 20 seed cats to make sure no strays or predators are in there.  The most common sources of rabies in the wild are raccoons, skunks, bats, foxes, and coyotes.  These animals should be removed from the containment area.

There will be designated feeding stations throughout the containment area.  Fresh, clean water and food will be provided on a daily basis.

Reproduction – Option 1
As female become pregnant, they are removed and placed in individual holding pens adjacent to the containment area.  They remain here until the kittens are born, and for 4-5 weeks after.  The kittens can be photographed, implanted with RFID tags, vaccinated, and dewormed at during weeks 6-8 and will then be ready for shipping.  The mother is returned to the containment area.  This option would be fairly expensive, since there would have to be multiple pens and a lot of daily care given to the pregnant cats and kittens.

Reproduction – Option 2
All cats remain in the containment area at all times.  On a weekly basis, an expodition heads in to scout for kittens.  All kittens more than a few days old are taken to a kitten-rearing room outside the containment area where they are kept and “cleaned” until they are about 8 weeks old and ready for shipping.  This option would be very inexpensive but would probably come with a higher kitten mortality rate.

Forever Kitten
Subscribers would pay $60 per month for 1 Forever Kitten.  The main website will allow subscribers to select their kitten from all that are available.  Quick processing and next day shipping (or possibly courier service) will bring their kitten to them in a matter of 3-4 days.  They are free to keep the kitten as long as they like.  When they return it, they can pick out a new one.  Additional Forever Kittens are only $40.  To cancel a subscription and keep your current Forever Kitten carries a fee of $100.  There is no fee if you return the kitten.

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