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Posted November 11, 2004 at 09:07:03 AM by Bean

I'm getting married in a few days.  2, to be exact.  It's one of those really big things that happens in ones life, right up there with procreation and ones own birth and death.  It really is a defining day, overshadowing graduations, first this-and-thats, and so many other occasions that seemed so important at the time.  So why is it that I am not a bit nervous?  Why is it that there is absolutely no anxiety built up inside of me a mere 56 hours before this monumental event?  Why do I have no fear whatsoever of committing myself completely to another person for what's left of my life?

Why?  Because the person I am going to marry leaves me with nothing to be nervous, anxious, or fearful of.  Because Stefanie is everything I need to quell any uneasiness I may have, and bring about in its place happiness, laughter, and love.  She fills my life with good things and leaves no room for the bad, reminding me everyday of how lucky I am to have found her.  I love Stefanie.  I'll love her forever.  As far as I'm concerned, the 56 hours can't tick away fast enough.

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