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Married, and What's in your Milk?
Posted November 22, 2004 at 03:28:39 PM by Bean

First blog as a married man.  Feels remarkably similar to all previous blogs.  Who knew.

Should have 4-5 hundred pictures to post at some point next week.  Joon (our photographer) took 3-4 hundred, plus we had 20 or so disposable cameras laying around, plus TP snapped a few with mine before the battery died.  Check in a week or so if you are interested.  Good tims seemed to have been had by all.

Honeymoon was great.  Nothing to do for a week.  Read a lot, smoked several cigars, and recovered from a month of party/wedding planning/attending.  Just in time for the holidays.

The night before the wedding, Rangoon, Stutz, John and I decided we would hang out for a while.  First, we stopped by the liquor store, where Stutz insisted on buying a fifth of vodka.  He kept saying we'd need more, that a fifth wasn't enough.  We convinced him it was and headed to Meijer.  There, we bought several varieties of energy drinks to mix.  My favorite was one called "Diet Rockstar."  It tasted like Red Bull and brought to mind images of a fat Elvis.  So we mixed and drank, drank and mixed, with occasional brakes to smoke cigars.  Then we went swimming.  Good tims.  We smuggeled what we had left to drink into the pool area and stayed until they kicked us out at 12:30.  We then realized Stutz was right - we ran out of vodka.  So we walked to Meijer again, this time buying beer and chips.  As we drank the beer and ate the chips, we decided to play what's in your milk.

What's in your milk is a very simple game.  Person A is it.  Person B asks him "what's in your milk?" and tells them the number of syllables their response must have.  Person A responds with whatever he wants, making sure the response has the appropriate vocal length.  Now, persons B-Z continue to ask person A other questions, of their choice, and person A has to reply using the same response as before.  The objective for person A is not to laught.  The objective for everyone else, obviously, is to make him laugh.  When he does, person B becomes it.  Repeat.  It may sounds stupid, but I tell you what, after a few drinks, it a great way to pass time and have some hearty laughs.  We played that game until 3am.

Example (a real one from that night)

  • John: Stutz, what's in your milk? 3 syllables.
  • Stutz: Stutzenate
  • John: What's this? (lifts up shirt and shows a nipple)
  • Stutz: (smiling) Stutzenate
  • John/Ben: [insert many random questions here]
  • Stutz: Stutzenate
  • Ben: How many nates does it take to screw in a natebulb?
  • Stutz: (laughs)
  • Ben: BANG!

Man oh man.  Good tims.  Good tims.

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