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Cat Story
Posted November 23, 2004 at 11:51:46 AM by Bean

While Stef and I were soakin' up rays in Florida, our neighbors fed our cats.  Also, my parents lugged all of our gifts back to southern Indiana so we wouldn't have to leave them in our car at the airport.  Thanks ya'll, if you're reading this.

Anyway, my parents called John down to unlock my door so they could bring in the gifts.  As they carried them in, John realized that my dad had left the front door open.  He then saw Missy (black, short hair) standing at the door.  She's a chicken, so she didn't run out.  Moz (calico, short hair) was just outside on the sidewalk, and John grabbed her and threw her inside, shutting the door behind.  Jake (grey striped, long hair) was out running around chasing some other cat.  John eventually caught him and put him inside.  One more left, Kate (yellow and white, short hair).

John and my dad set out on a search for Kate.  After a while, John gives up and heads inside.  He then see's my dad walking up the drive with a cat.  He's scruffing a long haired grey cat as it thrashes and squeels.  As he walks past my mom, she says "Marty, I don't think that's Kate."  He continues on and plops the cat on the floor of our living room.  My mom said "That cat isn't even the right color." John told me that this cat was the ugliest, mangiest cat he had ever seen.  And it was mean.  Immediately, my three cats surrounded it and they all puffed up.  A 3 on 1 cat fight followed.  John asked my dad where he got that cat.  "3 houses up."  Great.  "Can't we spray paint it?" my dad said.  Long story short, they spent a while capturing the mangy grey cat and putting it outside, and Kate showed up later that night.

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