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It Broke
Posted January 26, 2005 at 12:25:02 PM by Bean in the Beer category
One of the new brewing gadgets that I have been working on is a 3-wire temperature probe that could be hooked up to my laptop. (An aside: For those of you not in the know, my laptop is a $4000 486dx4-100MHz monster. That's right... pre-Pentium. It was the laptop I was required to buy for my 4 years at RHIT. It serverd it's purpose... and really wasn't THAT bad of a little laptop at the beginning. Anyway, since graduation, it has been used mainly as a controller for lights (via relay board) for HalloBean). Anyway... in my preliminary testing, I had a little C program that would talk to the chip and display the temperature. It worked well enough to convince me to hard wire the chip and build a waterproof probe out of it. Andy B. created a nice GUI for it and everything... it was gonna be so sveet. But, long story short - next time I hooked it up, not only did it not work, but it killed my laptop. RIP. Decided to abort that project and use an off-the-shelf temp controller instead.

Got a running training-schedule/calender from Irwin. We are both running in the Cherry Blossom 10-miler in April and the Indy Mini in May. Hopefully I can stick to it. Ran 4 miles at about 8 minutes per mile. As a treat afterwards, I went down to my basement to grab a pint of Winter IPA. On my first sip, I noticed it was a bit warm. 51F to be exact. It should be 38-41F. After a little investigating, I realized that the air conditioner that maintains the temperature in my cold room had gone kaput. Son of a bitch. Why is everything breaking? Now I have to either come up with a new way to chill the cold room (Chest freezer? Dorm fridge?) or find somewhere that sells ACs in the middle of winter.

Wednesday (today):
Just ordered a grain mill this morning. It should be here by Monday.

The Future:
A week from this Saturday, Irwin, Barkley, and I are getting together in Indy to brew again. This time, Hicks will be joining us too. We will be making 10 gallons of Sunnybrook Kolsch and 10 gallons of St. Chuck's Porter. We'll also be sampling the last 4 beers we've brewed (here and here) along with various others. We are going to attempt a few new things this time 'round:

  • 2 All-grain batches (instead of 1 all-grain and 1 extract)
  • Automatic maintenence of the mash temps (via external thermostat)
  • Grinding our own grain (with above mentioned mill)
  • Using steam to sanitize things
  • Utilizing the new handy-dandy sight tube on the boil kettle

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