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Cold Room, Part 6
Posted January 30, 2005 at 12:14:00 PM by Bean in the Beer category

It's been a while since I've put out a real cold room entry.  The main reason for that is that I haven't done much on it.  It HAD been working fine, chilling my kegs and an occasion sanky of Miller Lite to 42 degrees or so.  Key word in that last sentence: HAD.

As I mentioned in my last entry, the AC mysteriously stopped working.  After about 10 minutes of cutting through the Great Stuff I put down to hold everythign in place, I took it out of the wall.  I attempted to tweak the internal thermostat and it seemd to make it work again, but time would show that the thermostat was not functioning properly.  Regardless of what it was set on, it would turn on around 50F and off around freezing.  I guess it just wore out. 

So I thought about it, then thought about it some more.  I took the whole AC unit apart so I could take out the faulty thermostat.  In it's place, I spliced in a household extension cord.  I thin plugged the ends of the extension cord into my trusty old analong Johnsons Controls external HVAC thermostat.  Thos of you keeping up with the cold room saga will recall that the Johnsons Control thermostat was set up as the secondary thermostat in the previous configuration.  That is, it would shut off all power to the AC unit when the target temp was hit.  The internal thermostat just cycled the compressor to keep the unit from freezing up.  Well now, the Johnsons Control is the only thermostat in the loop, and it only cycles the compressor on or off to maintain (within about 5 degrees) whatever temperature I dial it to.  So the AC fan is always on, but the compressor (the real power sucker) only comes on when it need to.

So far this scheme seems to be working better than I could have hoped.  I am now keeping the beers between 36 and 40 degrees, or so.

I've had two drywall people come in to give me estimates on finishing my basement walls (including the area around the cold room).  They quoted $1190 and $1445.  Trach.  I think I'll just wait for my dad to get back from Florida (April) and do it myself.  He's also going to help me build a bar to accessorize the cold room taps :).

PS - Coffee Bean Stout, Badunkadunk, and the last few glasses of Winter IPA are on tap, and Another Round ESB is on deck.

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I found this very imformative. This will help out a lot. Thanks Bean, I`ll let you know how it works for me.
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